The stories of Kwasi Enin and Avery Coffey, respectively, are, on their faces, amazing. Between them, they were admitted to all of the institutions that comprise the Ivy League.

Enin was accepted to all eight Ivy Leage colleges and universities: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, Penn, Cornell and Columbia. Avery was accepted to the five Ivy League institutions to which he applied.

This isn't merely news. It's history. But it didn't happen by magic. Enin, Coffey and other children who do well in high school and excel in extra-curricular activities share a few things in common: they dream big, they work hard and they have at least one adult in their lives who provide guidance and support.

Not all children will apply to or be accepted at an Ivy League institution but that doesn't mean that their dreams and accomplishments aren't worth the effort to make them happen.

All children need the kind of guidance and support that propelled Enin and Coffey. If you haven't already, visit to find out how you can help a child facing adversity succeed.